About River

River Gowan Stone (pronouns: mer/mers) is an actor, improviser, poet, and teacher from Oakland, California. Mer work is grounded in compassionate, empathetic connection with collaborators and the audience. River has acted in dramas, comedies, and musicals, playing roles such as Olivia in Twelfth Night and Bella in Rehearsal for Murder. Mer currently improvises with the troupes, Yum! (Leela) and LiGht BrighT (Indie) and with Nilay Shah in the duo Salt/Water (Indie). River’s writing explores the visual, emotional, and embodied experience of urban and rural landscapes, with a particular focus on magic, the ritual of the mundane, queerness, and destabilizing the kyriarchy. Mer teaches intersectional trans+ competency to individuals, groups, and organizations. River and mer partner, Dani Stone, are the founders of Powerfully Vulnerable, where they teach marginalized people how to crush imposter syndrome and live their dreams. River has an MFA in English and Creative Writing and has been published in The Walrus Literary Journal, the Anderson Valley Advertiser, and Afar Magazine. Mer is also a singer, a parent, a scholar, an intersex activist, and a magical genderqueer mermx. ‚Äč

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